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As a salesman for H.I.S. Sportswear, Fred Segal was constantly thinking about menswear. A light-bulb moment happened for him one day in 1958 while watching a movie . From the theater, he called his boss and suggested they redesign the denim pant into something hip and stylish. “At the time, there were Lee Jeans, Wrangler’s, and Levi’s”, recalls Fred Segal.“They were work pants sold in the basement of Sears for $1.49. They weren’t anything stylish.” Turned down by his company, he decided to pursue the idea on his own, taking a classic Levi’s 501 and restyling it to sit low on the waist and with a flared leg

フレッドシーガルは、H.I.S. スポーツウエアのセールスマンとして常にメンズウエアのことを考えていました。1958 年のある日、フレットシーガルが映画館で映画を見ている時デザインのアイデアが閃き、その場ですぐに上司に電話をしました。デニム地のパンツをデザインし、トレンドの先端を行く格好良いものに作り変えようと提案したのです。当時のジーンズと言えば、Lee Jeans, Wrangler’s, Levis 全盛でした。
いずれも作業用でシアーズの地下で1.49ドルと安価で売られるような目立たない商品。決して“クール”というようなものではありませんでした。しかし、会社は フレッドシーガルの提案を撥ね付けました。その時、シーガルは、とことんまで自分のアイデアを実行しようと決め、昔ながらのリーバイス501をベースに、ローウエストのベルボトムスタイルに再構築しました。

After fine tuning the fit of the pant and finding a denim supplier to help create the perfect wash, which gave the pants a smoother, less rugged look, Fred Segal decided to open his own denim boutique in West Hollywood, on the corner of Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevard. “The area was a slum, “ admits Fred Segal. “ But I had no money and was looking for something cheap.I liked that it was an up-and-coming area that had an edge.”


When Fred Segal opened his West Hollywood store in 1961, 85 percent of the inventory in the 350-square-foot store was blue— his namesake denim jeans alongside shirts and pants in chambrays, velvets and flannels.

1961年、フレッド シーガルがハリウッド西部にショップをオープンした当時、店の面積は350スクエアフィートで、在庫の85パーセントがブルー1色で埋め尽くされていました。店内には、自分の名前をつけたデニムジーンズ・シャンブレー・ベルベット・フラネル製のシャツやパンツと並んでいました。

He priced the jeans at $19.95, more than ten times the going price for other brands. The store was stocked with pants, tunics, and socks, designed exclusively for men. However, women caught onto the trend as well and soon made up 50 percent of the store’s business. Despite no advertising and being located in an area that had minimal foot trstore was a quick success.


PJ’s, a popular night club across the street from Fred Segal’s original store in West Hollywood, helped launch Fred Segal’s brand with the right people.
By making friends with the bartenders and outfitting them in his clothes, the bartenders spread the word about his brand to the celebrities and ‘cool’ people in town.

ウエストハリウッド店の通りを挟んだ向いにPJ’sという有名なナイトクラブがあり、 Fred Segalをスタートする時にPJ’sのcoolなスタッフ達が協力してくれました。

“When I was the only jeans store in the country, I could carry only jeans. As other stores opened with shirts and belts, it forced me into those categories. From there we developed what is now

a boutique shopping center providing high fashion sportswear for everybody at all price levels. Very early in the game I realized a sportswear business would evolve from the pants if I catered to the people who identified with the jeans type of fashion.”

当時国内でジーンズだけを販売する専門店でしたが、その後シャツやベルトを扱う店がオープンし始め、“Fred Segal”も同じようにすべてのお客さまにプライスレベルカテゴリーをサポートするストアへと変貌を遂げました。ビジネスの初期段階で、ジーンズをファッションとして捉えてるお客様を意識することで、スポーツウエアは、パンツが最もビジネスにつながる可能性を秘めていると確信していました。

Fred Segal expanded up the street on Crescent Heights and opened a 300-square-foot space on Melrose, strictly for jeans.

Growing at a fast pace, Fred Segal soon bought up the surrounding buildings, at first for storage and parking, but later to open additional boutiques that would sell a greater rangeof clothing and accessories.

Eventually, each boutique would be individually owned, but all bearing the Fred Segal name. Boutiques for shoes, sunglasses, home décor, jewelry, children’s clothing, beauty products, flowers, and of course, jeans.

店は急激に成長し、周囲のビルを買収するまでに拡大しました。手始めに倉庫、 次いで駐車場、さらにはブティックを数件開き、多種多様な衣服やアクセサリーを販売し始めました。やがて、各店舗にオーナーを持ちフレットシーガルを共に支えています。靴専門店やサングラス、ホームデコ、ジュエリー、子供服、ビューティーアイテム、フラワーとそしてジーンズを取り扱っています。

Fred Segal spent the ‘60s and ‘70s developing his store into a destination for the hippest, most unique items on the planet. It earned a massivecelebrity following, including the Beatles, Elvis, the Carpenters, Jerson Airplane, Liberace, the Jackson Five, Diana Ross,Frank Sinatra and countless others. The store’s success, along withhim handing over much of the daily operation to individual owners, allowed Fred Segal to concentrate on expansion. He saw a move toward health and wellness happening and liked being close to the beach.


Fred Segal purchased the iconic Ice Chalet skating rink, on the corner of Fifth Street and Broadway in 1985. The rink, the site for the Ice Capades practice, as well as filming of such movies as Rocky had been abandoned since 1984. He soon got to work transforming the 35,000 square feet of prime retail space. The basic structure of the ice rink was kept, along with the ramps, walkways, and many of the original fixtures.

After another instant success, Fred Segal soon purchased the empty land across street, turning it into an environmentally friendly outpost. Together, the two buildings gave Fred a total of close to 50,000 square feet of retail space.



Throughout its five decades in business, Fred Segal has not only brought the best in retail to one place, but discovered, launched and helped rebrand a bevy of apparel, accessory, athletic, cosmetic, and home brands. Kate Spade, Earl Jean, Juicy Couture, Hard Candy, and Origins are just a few of the major companies to get their start at Fred Segal, before emerging as some of the biggest labels to change their respective industries.

During this time, the stores also grew to become true lifestyle centers. The opening of Mauro’s Café in Melrose and Umami Burger in Santa Monica provided customers with a place to hang out and enjoy a fresh meal. The introduction of the Fred Segal Salon and Yoga studio in Santa Monica allowed customers to stop in for a hair cut, enjoy a latte, have a meditation session, and buy a new outfit all in one location.

While the selection of items at Fred Segal is often what keeps customers loyal and coming back, Fred Segal is more than a store. It is a place where fashion, food, beauty, and culture come together.

50年あまりのビジネスで、フレッドシーガルは素晴らしい小売店を経営していただけでなく、アパレル、アクセサリー、化粧品、そして雑貨に至るまで数多くのブランドの立ち上げや再構築を手がけてきました。Kate Spade、Earl Jean、Juicy Couture、Hard Candy、Originsなど、個々の業界に大きな変化をもたらしたメジャーレーベルはかつてFred Segalからスタートした。

その間、ストアは真のライフスタイルセンターへと成長しました。Melrose店のMauro’s CafeとSanta MonicaのUmami Burgerは、新鮮な食材を提供と共にいつもお客さまで賑わっています。サンタモニカ店のフレッドシーガル・サロンとヨガスタジオといえば、1ヶ所でヘアカットやカフェやヨガセッションを提供できます。


In 2013, Fred Segal opened its doors in the newly rebuilt Thomas Bradley International Terminal. Reprising the iconic facade and presenting travelers with fashion finds and gifts for the journey, Fred Segal wants you to take the love wherever your journey takes you. The retail venue also introduced the lifestyle extension of Fred Segal into candy and sweet indulgence.

2013年、フレッドシーガルはThomas Bradley International Terminal内にショップをオープン。 お客さまがどこに旅をしてもLOVEを感じて欲しい。アイコニックなファサードを再現した外観にファッションやトラベルギフト、Candyやフレグランスなどのライフスタイルを提案しています。

In 2014, for the first time in its history, Fred Segal exported its “California Cool” lifestyle outside of California. At SLS Las Vegas, The Fred Segal Collective encompasses nearly 10,000 square feet throughout the hotel with seven individual stores, including: She, He, Jeans, Shoes, Jewels, Play and Goods.

2014年、フレットシーガルの史上初めて“カリフォルニアクール” ライフスタイルをカリフォルニア州以外の街に出店。フレッドシーガルグループは、ラスベガスのSLSホテル内に、She, He, Jeans, Shoes, Jewels, PlayとGoods の7つの別々の店舗をオープン(約10,000スクエアフィート)。

Opens store on Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Heights. The store sells jeans for $19.95 at a time when most are selling for $1.49. The store can barely keep the pants in stock. Despite only carrying clothing designed for men, 50% of its business is women. The store’s cult following sees lines of shoppers wrapped around the block for his unique collection of sportswear, including shirts in chambray and denim; tunics with a side zipper and ¾ sleeve; work shirts with oversize collars; and velvet shirts with giant Italian collars.


Fred Segal purchases another store, just for jeans, located up the street on Melrose Avenue and Crescent Heights. Segal sells 4,000 pairs of bell-bottoms during his first six weeks in business. The 400-square-foot shop pulls in $700,000 ($5 million with inflation) in its first year, carrying his own label, as well as Levis, Lee Jeans, Landlubber, and Dubbleware at his jean bar. That same year, he expands the space to 1,100 square feet.

メルローズアべニューとクレッセントハイツにジーンズ専門店をオープン。オープン後最初の6週間てベルボトムジーンズ4,000本を販売。初年度400スクエアフィートのショップで、LevisやLee Jeans、Landlubber 、Dubblewareと並んで、オリジナルブランドを展開し70万ドルを売り上げる。同じ年に1,100スクエアフィートにストアを拡張。

Fred Segal buys a house in Malibu and opens the Malibu Country Mart, a three-acre plot of land with retail space, gardens, outdoor dining and picnic areas, a petting zoo, and a children’s playground.


Fred Segal Santa Monica opens as a 25-shop, 35,000-square-foot shopping mecca with apparel boutiques, a DJ booth, a snack shop, a children’s play area, a shipping center, and even a community information booth. He sells everything from psychedelic skateboards and $10,000 ($20,500 adjusted for inflation) stereo systems to designer silk suits.


Fred Segal LAX opens in the Tom Bradley International Terminal in the Los Angeles International Airport introducing the iconic LA brand to the world.

ロサンゼルスのLAX airport内 Tom Bradley International Terminalにショップをオープン。

The Fred Segal Collective at the SLS Hotel Las Vegas is Fred Segal’s first retail project outside of Southern before California. The Collective encompasses nearly 10,000 square feet throughout the property with seven individual stores, including: She, He, Jeans, Shoes, Jewels, Play and Goods.

フレッドシーガルグループは、ラスベガスのSLSホテル内に、SHE, HE, Jeans, Shoes, Jewels, Play and Goodsの7つの異なるショップをオープン。(10,000スクエアフィート)

Fred Segal opens its first international retail center in Tokyo, Japan. Marking the brand’s first location outside the U.S., Fred Segal will occupy three of five buildings in a converted railway site at 13 Daikanyama-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.